Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was about to buy a Tommy Hilfiger watch in CASH CASH PINOY. But I decided to check how the actual model looked like in the store. I was shocked when the store told me that THERE WAS NO SUCH MODEL RELEASED BY TOMMY. And to think that CASH CASH PINOY advertised the watch as 100% authentic. The store mentioned that they are THE ONLY AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR of Tommy. All original Tommy watches carry a two year international warranty. Let this be a warning to all who might suckered into this deal.

I would like to warn all the buyers of the Tommy Hilfiger His and Hers Watches being sold right now on CASH CASH PINOY. I wanted to buy a pair for me and my wife this Valentines and decided to check them out first with the Tommy Store in Market Market. They told me that Tommy never released such a model, in other words, WHAT IS BEING OFFERED BY CASH CASH PINOY ARE APPARENTLY FAKES. BUYERS BEWARE! 



  1. Hi Kevin,

    We would like to ask you to revert your claim that CashCashPinoy is a scam that sells fake products. The watches sold were in fact 100% authentic. It was just not released in the Philippines, hence the store in Market Market is not aware of it. You may check the product in this site: which is published by Tommy Hilfiger.

    Please be mindful of your future posts.

    CashCashPinoy Team

    1. I also had a bad experience on this online shopping site. Not once but twice, yes how shameful isn't it?
      One is the ipad mini card reader hub. The gadget was not working at all. And there was no specification on it? It takes me a month to settle the issue with them, ending on just buying another deal with and because they were not allowed to refund cash from customer. Tell me how disgusting is it? And to make the story worst I saw the same product they once selling on a tiange and Divisoria. hehe Not good.
      The second was a quick silver board short. The original one was totally different from they advertised on their site..The cashcashpinoy quick silver logo was not the same as compared to the original ones. And the design was different, it cannot be found on Quicksilver boutique or it's site. On my mistake I did not checked the authenticity of their product on the market before buying it.
      So always beware on buying online goodies. Make your own investigation first of their products before clicking the button. "Caveat Emptor!"

  2. I just hope that by posting a comment through your CashCash Pinoy Review, I will get a final response on their failure to replace a defective Delkin SP019 Speaker System that I purchased from them.

    I have been communicating with their Ms. Maricar and Ms. Tin until they pulled-out the defective unit and after several follow-ups, they eventually replaced it with THE VERY SAME DEFECTIVE SPEAKER THAT WAS PREVIOUSLY DELIVERED.

    I know this because I placed some identifying marks inside the box and it was the same box with the defective speaker. Still, I chose not to be negative and tested the speakers from my iPod and my laptop. Still, it was defective.

    I do not know if they are trying to pull a fast one on me or are they simply ignorant about it? I have sent several emails again but to my disappointment, they have not given even the slightest squeak.


  3. I also order Tomy watch and paid in full. But till today (been 3 weeks). No watch coming. Even the CS doesn't care. This is scam. I used to be a loyal customer for cash2 pinoy. But this will be the last till I get my money back.

  4. This might be a fraud. Up to now, I have not been refunded my unconsummated travel deal with them I made last April. I keep on following up and they only replied I will surely be refunded by the travel merchant - JME Travel, which is now closed at 22 Malingap St.,
    Teachers Village, QC.

    My next step is to report to government agencies.