Sunday, February 5, 2012

I was about to buy a Tommy Hilfiger watch in CASH CASH PINOY. But I decided to check how the actual model looked like in the store. I was shocked when the store told me that THERE WAS NO SUCH MODEL RELEASED BY TOMMY. And to think that CASH CASH PINOY advertised the watch as 100% authentic. The store mentioned that they are THE ONLY AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR of Tommy. All original Tommy watches carry a two year international warranty. Let this be a warning to all who might suckered into this deal.

I would like to warn all the buyers of the Tommy Hilfiger His and Hers Watches being sold right now on CASH CASH PINOY. I wanted to buy a pair for me and my wife this Valentines and decided to check them out first with the Tommy Store in Market Market. They told me that Tommy never released such a model, in other words, WHAT IS BEING OFFERED BY CASH CASH PINOY ARE APPARENTLY FAKES. BUYERS BEWARE!